The Horror behind the Academic Qualifications in Colleges

Reasons Why College Students Cheat

Cheating is any form of deception or dishonesty in any academic works with failure to comply with the set rules and regulations. Many of you have indulged in cheating in either one way or the other, knowingly or unknowingly but all in all, you cheated. Advancing in technology has made cheating by far the worst with many students turning to technology to ‘aid’ them during their examination.Â

From plagiarism to other forms of cheating, you have seen and heard of cases who graduated from college without having to sweat or struggle. The many professionals in our world who flaunt their college degrees which they never worked for. Though most colleges have a zero-tolerance to cheating, college students still cheat. Here are the reasons why college students cheat.

  • Lack of better preparation

Ever heard of the buy papers online for college saying as you prepare your bed so must you lie on it. Well, it is not so for most college students. Most college students are all about the play but no work and at the end of it all they still expect to maintain their grades. Heck no! Know that with good preparations great grades will  follow and failure to do so damnation is your forte.Â

  • Pressure to succeed

Sometimes it’s really hard to be a child. Most parents set the bar way too high for their children to reach. You are great in your studies but not as great as mommy and daddy were in their academic years. You, an average student is forced to become a great achiever. They put too much pressure on you leaving you with one option, cheating.

  • Lack of confidence

Some people are really intelligent but still cheat. Why you ask. It is because they are not confident enough. They are all about maintaining the top position or maintaining their grades regardless of the means. For them, it’s all about saving face while putting on a front to retain their pride.

  • Peer pressure

Many college students cheat because the majority cheat. You might have the psyche to do your examination without cheating but once you get in a class with the majority participating in cheating. You become deflated like a balloon, get frustrated with why you even bothered to study, and vow to cheat in the next examination.

  • Force of habit

Cheating is like an addiction. Once you start cheating you just can’t stop. Some of these college students have been cheating since high school, joined college through cheating and they intend to pass college through cheating. They are entirely dependent on cheating and will not stop until they reach their goal.

  • Keep their scholarship

College life is really expensive. Many can attend college because they got a scholarship. To be able to keep their scholarship by maintaining good grades, many resort to cheating.

  • Forced major

You may not like the major you are taking but since mommy and daddy took that major, you are forced to take it. You lose interest and cheat your way out to end your nightmares.

Cheating has its consequences. It is better to fail honestly than to pass with deceit. Be wise, prepare well before any examination to avoid the temptation of cheating.