Replacing Textbooks with Laptops and Tablets

Should We Replace Textbooks with Laptops or Tablets Entirely? Yes, we should indeed replace them.

Why the Changeover is Overdue

The changeover from textbooks to laptops and tablets is long overdue and inevitable. Books have served a great purpose over a long period, so some people view them as indispensable. However, they have served their time, and with time they should, and will, eventually be replaced. Books should leave the scene because:

  • They are bulky and occupy too much space
  • Their manufacture leads to the depletion of forests
  • They are perishable
  • They are costly

How Books are Bulky

In the past, it looked very academic to carry large volumes of books while walking down the lanes of learning institutions. The books were kept in libraries which occupied huge spaces. This meant that one had to sometimes use a ladder to gain access to the book of his desire. Compare that to a computer microchip that can carry information worth ten library buildings and still have lots of space to spare. The bulky books should write my research paper cheap not bow out, as they have served their purpose.

How the Manufacture of Books Depletes Forests

Books are made of paper, which is made out of trees. It takes several trees to supply a single school with text and notebooks. Think of all those books which are kept in people’s shelves at home, in libraries and bookstores all over the world. It takes millions of trees to supply paper for all these books. Trees grow very slowly, but forest destruction is a lot faster. To help conserve the environment, books must go.

How Books are Perishable

Imagine what happens when your book gets rained on. It gets ruined, That is not to mention the mice that may be secretly gnawing at the pages of the volumes in your attic. You certainly can replace the book by buying another.  However, if it is an old one, there may be no replacement available, so the knowledge will be lost forever. On digital devices, information can be stored in cloud computing and will never really be lost.

Books are Costly

One of the biggest investments in the education sector is on books. They cost a lot of money and have to be regularly replaced with new versions. A substantial amount of money is spent on transporting them to your school. Moreover, there is all that printing that has to be done. These costs are bare minimal in digital devices. The Kindle editions found paramount essays online are much cheaper than the paper books that still exist. That is because all these extra production and transport costs are eliminated. The books should be done away with to lower the costs of education, for students, parents, and institutions.

Yes, Books Should Go

It is clear from the foregoing that books have no place in the future of learning. They are bulky, hazardous to the environment, perishable, and costly. They should completely give way to the more efficient digital formats. This will lower the cost of education by doing away with the extra regular costs that go with books.